Teruyuki Nobuchika (Sound) + Noriteru Ino (Image)
“Sediment via Unconscious”
Live at Art Gallery "rizm" Hyogo, Japan, 3rd November 2013

Set List:
01. Ambient Improvisation for “Sediment via Unconscious”

Teruyuki Nobuchika + Noriteru Ino
The exhibition for music and photo
“Sediment via Unconscious”

3rd - 30th November 2013
Art Gallery "colissimo", Hyogo, Japan

Teruyuki Nobuchika
Live at the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival in Singapore, January 19, 2013

Set List:
01. improvisation #1
02. a day (from "sonorité")
03. mou (from "sonorité")
04. into the silence (new)
05. tranquille (from "morceau")
06. parallel (from "sonorité")
07. re: (from "another morceau")
08. hypnotique (from "morceau")
09. deauville (from "morceau")
10. monologue (new)
11. winter chime - theme (from "winter chime" original soundtrack)
12. kyuka - theme (from "kyuka" original soundtrack)
13. improvisation #2
14. familia (from "yankee kun to megane chan" original soundtrack)
15. romantique (from "buzzer beat" original soundtrack)
16. white wonder christmas (from "isetan christmas campaign")

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