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Documentary Film
"I Am Beautiful"
(2011 - America)

Directed by Shu-Ling Hsieh
Music by Teruyuki Nobuchika


Mark and Linda Keane hope a UWM filmmaker's documentary
about their 21-year-old daughter, Ariel, will give
viewers a new perspective on autism.

"It shows Ariel as Ariel, happy and full of life," says Linda Keane.
Shu Ling Hsieh's film "I Am Beautiful" about Ariel Keane, who was diagnosed with
autism as a toddler, premiered in June, 2011.

"I think Ariel is a good character for a film," says Hsieh (MFA,
Performing Arts-Film '05), "and there are few films about autism."
Hsieh was shooting a documentary at Shorewood High School
when she got to know the Keane family.

Mark Keane is a professor of architecture at UWM, and Linda
Keane is professor of architecture and environmental design
at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Since Ariel was
diagnosed, both have become advocates for autism awareness,
research and education.
Compilation Album
"your heaven"

tr.1 "Ping Tan" by Wu Fei
from 「A Distant Youth」(panai)

tr.2 "RR vs. D" by AU

tr.3 "Sunnyside Suns And Sounds" by Tomoyoshi Date
from 「Small Melodies」(spekk)

tr.4 "Bloom" by Yoshio Machida
from 「Naada」(AMORFON)

tr.5 "Linking Pi" by Oorutaichi
from 「Cosmic Coco, Singing for a Billion Imu's Hearty Pi」(Out One Disc)

tr.6 "ISIS II" by Alejandro Franov
from 「Digitaria」(Nature Bliss)

tr.7 "tag team" by Richard Crandell
from 「Essential Tremor」(panai)

tr.8 "Coral Sand's Backside" by Opitope
from 「Hau」(spekk)

tr.9 El Mundo Secreto De La Montana / Federico Durand
from 「La siesta del ciprés」(spekk)

tr.10 "Tranqui" by Alejandro Franov
from 「AIXA」(Nature Bliss)

tr.11 "Mou" by Teruyuki Nobuchika
from 「sonorite」(plop)

tr.12 "Autumn Rhythm" by Alps
from 「Jewelt Galaxies / Spirit Shambles」(spekk)

tr.13 "マレビト Marebito" by Ken Ikeda
from 「Kosame」(spekk)

tr.14 "Well-Tuned" by Ohanami
from 「Ohanami」(Wonderyou)

tr.15 "Brain Cloud III" by Joe Grimm
from 「Brain Cloud」(spekk)